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The BES program assists start-ups and existing small businesses in fulfilling their goals for self-employment and  business growth.  HPTC’s BES Coordinator partners with program participants to create healthy, dynamic and successful long-term business ventures that grow jobs to contribute to the economic vitality of the local workforce and community. 

Our goal is to provide each client with one-on-one training, consulting and seminars. The one-on-one conferences are held with each client at his or her place of business or at HPTC. Consultations provide the necessary individual assistance as well as the privacy required for identifying areas of vulnerability improvement within the enterprise.

Our Business & Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator will also serve as the relationship manager between our clients and professional resources in the marketplace such as bankers, accountants, sales trainers, marketing, insurance, human resource professionals, and successful entrepreneurs.  We are confident in our ability to help you help your business! We use our mentoring system to help provide you with clear direction while also helping you find the appropriate next steps needed to accomplish your business goals.

Workshops and classes are designed especially for the owners of new and existing businesses. These classes demonstrate practical methods and ideas for the further growth and development of each client’s business.

Assistance is available with Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Employment Issues, Financial Management & Analysis, and Business Technologies. We also aim to help leaders of organizations, along with their employees, create work environments that are highly productive, continually profitable and hopefully, an enjoyable place to work.

Companies and individuals can turn to HPTC to provide training that is easily available, flexible and affordable. 

HPTC’s Business & Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator, Katie Shirley, is a GrowthWheel Certified Business Advisor. GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox for decision making and action planning for startup and growth companies.  It helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through a simple action oriented process that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.

For more information on the BES program, contact Katie Shirley at 580.571.6106, or