Admin & Staff

Superintendent / CEO 

Dwight R. Hughes


Directory of Finance:
Vickie Hunter

Administrative Assistant /Accounts Payable: 
Rachelle Rogers
(580-571-  6113)  

Activity Fund Custodian/Treasurer/Finance Assistant: 
Karen Roach
(580- 571-6143)


Marketing Director: 
Sandi Liles

Marketing Assistant: 
Julie Holloway

Marketing Director:   Sandi Liles (580-571-6108)
Marketing Assistant:  Julie Holloway (580-571-6103)

Asst. Superintendent / Business & Industry Services

Taylor Burnett 

BIS Department (Business & Industry Services)

Administrative Assistant:   
Sheila Reazin

Anita Lara

Ag Business Mgmt:   
Mitch  Zimmerman

OBAN (Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network):   
Vonda Smith

Business & Entrepreneurial Services Coordinator:  
Katie Shirley

Coordinator Safety:   
Bronson Ellis

Renewable Energy Instructor:   
Jack Day

Safety / Oil and Gas Instructor: 
Martin Lewis

Industrial & Adult Career Development Coordinator:
Steven Rogers

Wind Energy Instructor: 
James Tew

Adult Training and Development

Director of Adult Training & Development/PN:   
Sue Mitchell

Administrative Assistant:   
Larissa Jett

Practical Nursing Instructor:   
Micky McDonald

Practical Nursing Instructor:   
Susan Griffin

Practical Nursing Instructor:   
Lauren Boring

Asst. Superintendent / Full Time Programs

Barclay Holt

Student Services

Counselor/Student Services:   
Amber Riley

Tammy Kelln 

Financial Aid Director:   
Michelle Ketcherside

Registrar/Administrative Assistant: 
Shannon Carrico

Academic Center Assistant:   
Darla Borden

Instructional Aide: 
Darin Dale 

Project Hope:   
Denise Whitehead


Jennifer Dew

Tracy Borden

Business Information Technology Education:   
Penny Guthrie

Health Careers Certification:   
Polly Cottom

Health Careers Certification: 
Don Gaines

Pake Carlson

Service Careers:   
Karen Rogers

Multi-Media Instructor:
Richard Kirksey

Katrina McDowell 

Medium Heavy Duty Diesel Technology:   
David Stone

Auto Mechanics:   
Vic Terbush

Technical Applications (Middle School):
Danna Goss

Technical Applications (Middle School):
Lisa Steadman

Facility Management

Director of IT: 
Tony Haskins

IT Assistant: 
Phil Fisher

Maintenance Services Manager:   
KJ Bowers

Maintenance Services: 
Damon McAllister 

Building Services Manager: 
Robin Ellis

Pam Kline

Jenny Hamilton